All my Dad’s active user data supported a big advertising machine instead of creating wealth for his family and grandchildren.

You are giving away who you are, for free.

Why is Instagram so wealthy with my data and not me?

Pemon native boat “curiara.” Amazonian Rain Forest
Curiara in Uaiparu river.

35 years ago, My Dad was looking at us, my brother Pierre Clauteaux and me in our native boat “curiara.” 4°30'6.54"N 61°41'53.01"O

Se trata de estar “Open to Help” y allí veras cómo las oportunidades se abren mucho más y de manera más durable.

En route plein Sud Amazonie. La Gran Sabana.

Sous le regard de Don Quichotte, entre folie et hyper création pour entreprendre. Réflexions.

Nous sommes en 1987 et je démarre ma lecture du El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha. Ici :

J’habite en forêt vierge, la télévision n’existe pas, pas de téléphone ni d’électricité.

Le Quichotte me choque car sa force d’imaginer est infinie.

URIJI Jungle briefing

By reading these lines, whether you do or do not press “like,” you are feeding my record of interactions.

The more “you and me” are related to you, the more your data will be your primary source of income.

Things are not as permanent as we think.

Richard Brautigan wrote in 1967:

Morning coffee at URIJI

For me, it’s personal.

For my part, I am looking for a life plan, and my purpose is to solve a problem that I have, it’s personal.

Jean Clauteaux

I am the founder of the URIJI social network @urijijami | Digital Mentor | Past: President CEO L’Oréal

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