How to become rich in the future.

I dedicate this message to my three children so that they can read it in 731 days.

Paid employment is antic.

The job now is to produce and own data.

With your data, you collaborate for the prosperity of all. This contribution will be verified by all (consensus). It’s happening.

By reading these lines, whether you do or do not press “like,” you are feeding my record of interactions.

This post, on whatever network, will be generating dividends.

Not only remunerating the time that I am taking to write it, and you in reading it, but also the “you and me” that is created.

That “you and me,” this bridge, will be called the black gold.

The more “you and me” are related to you, the more your data will be your primary source of income.

In the context of the sharing economy and peer to peer economy, with a blockchain ocean (Blockchain is the technology that will make us trust that what it is told to us is true) and underwater currents of artificial intelligence.

This is the Future of money.

I love you.




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Jean Clauteaux

Jean Clauteaux

I am the founder of the URIJI social network @urijijami | Digital Mentor | Past: President CEO L’Oréal