Own your data or die.

All my Dad’s active user data supported a big advertising machine instead of creating wealth for his family and grandchildren.

You are giving away who you are, for free.

We know how to evaluate real-estate or cars; why not our digital life data?

Why is Instagram so wealthy with my data and not me?

Why do my interactions make Linkedin successful but not help every user buy food or pay the rent?

Pemon native boat “curiara.” Amazonian Rain Forest
Curiara in Uaiparu river.

35 years ago, My Dad was looking at us, my brother Pierre Clauteaux and me in our native boat “curiara.” 4°30'6.54"N 61°41'53.01"O

The memory of this moment, like the halo of the lens, is immense: the taste of the water, the sound of the rain forest around us, the childhood dream of my Dad (Tintin L’Oreille Cassée).




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Jean Clauteaux

Jean Clauteaux

I am the founder of the URIJI social network @urijijami | Digital Mentor | Past: President CEO L’Oréal