The world that is coming now on the metaverse will be like the world before the internet.

Before the internet, human beings were on permanent and real-time interaction.

Meeting, talking and sharing.

Knowledge and general culture were vital.

If a person came from the world before the internet to our world, WhatsApp and messages would not seem the best way to communicate. Face to face was the real thing. They were looking at the eyes, and body language was the base of a world of networking and relationships.

The pre-immersive internet made communication exponential but not interaction.

An average engagement rate (percentage of followers that actively engages with your content) on Instagram will usually be anywhere between 3% – 6%.

At this rate, you will feel alone on the metaverse.

To progress in the following web skills from 1980 will help a lot.

The avatar’s body language, voice intonation, and listening skills are essential to succeed in your meetings.

There are no mobile phones to chat with when someone talks to you in the metaverse.

You must be present and pay attention, your meta-coffee shop will be empty, or nobody will come to your keynote.

Wishing you all the best for this come back to real social on virtual.



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Jean Clauteaux

Jean Clauteaux

I am the founder of the URIJI social network @urijijami | Digital Mentor | Past: President CEO L’Oréal