“What are you doing, Jean?”

URIJI Jungle briefing

Strange days in 2021.

Not only generations by age but also generations by worldviews are colliding.

Generations of visions. Like the shocking optimism of the financial markets on the rise the past 31st of December.
Perhaps my friend gets a strange impression from his old friend (me🙃) who had studied philosophy and literature to eventually become a writer or a teacher.
Then another great friend (Eric Mellet) calls me from my corporate days (I didn’t ask him if he had any grandchildren, lol), and he tells me about his latest blog about VISA founder Dee Hock (92 years old). 💳

I start to research Dee Hock’s concept of Chaordic that combines chaos and order in the same word.

How Nature is always organized to organize ourselves and reveal our potential.

I was very excited because I am 100% “Chaordic,” you can listen and download everything in my post about Dee Hock, and I put the link to Eric Mellet’s fantastic blog.


My two old friends showed me in their own way many paradoxes of what we are experiencing:

The grandparents of 2021 can be very young and think like very old people, and the 100 years old can see the future to help Centennials. 2021 Strange days.



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Jean Clauteaux

Jean Clauteaux

I am the founder of the URIJI social network @urijijami | Digital Mentor | Past: President CEO L’Oréal